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“TMT First’s commendable efforts have garnered national attention, with coverage on the BBC’s tech program Click, national TV and radio bulletins, further validating the company’s significant impact in promoting sustainable technology practices.

TMT First, members of Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, are an award-winning trusted provider of technology lifecycle services for the circular economy. 

Adam Whitehouse, the founder and visionary behind TMT First, has experienced a remarkable journey in establishing TMT First as a market-leader in technology lifecycle services.​ Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, TMT First refurbish and recycle electronic devices, aiming to extend the lifespan of technology while minimising environmental impact. 

Old electronic devices such as laptops and phones, can offer many important resources that can be recycled for use in electronic devices such as wind turbines, electric car batteries or solar panels – crucial for the transition to low-carbon societies. ​

However, there is an alarming crisis developing across the UK, known as e-waste, which is a direct consequence of people failing to recycle their old technologies. Over 5 billion phones were estimated to be thrown away in 2022, as e-waste levels hit alarming highs. 

Old electronic devices can offer many important resources that can be recycled for use in crucial low-carbon technologies. However, the UK is facing an alarming e-waste crisis. More than five billion mobile phones are currently sitting unused worldwide, targeted for reuse or recycling as the mobile industry aims to develop a more circular supply chain for smartphones. This initiative is a step towards tackling the escalating e-waste levels, contributing to a significant environmental and health hazard. 

Adam is helping to tackle this issue head on in the heart of Staffordshire. The company’s dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer service excellence, has solidified its position as the UK’s most trusted and respected company, “keeping technology alive for longer.”​ The COVID-19 pandemic presented an opportunity for TMT First under Adam’s leadership. When Samsung’s retail outlets closed, leaving customers without repair services, Adam stepped in and offered TMT First’s support. Within 48 hours, the necessary infrastructure was established, enabling TMT First to handle all consumer Samsung repairs, a service that remains in place today.​

TMT’s in-house Training Academy, launched three years ago, follows a comprehensive four-week training program aligned with Samsung’s repair and service training guidelines. The academy has successfully run 17 cohorts, offering graduates a role in TMT’s Repair Centre and fostering career progression. This initiative has created over 60 new job opportunities, underscoring TMT First’s commitment to workforce development and industry excellence. 

Adam is actively advocating for the establishment of a National Digital Device Repair Technician Apprenticeship, a crucial step towards addressing the growing skills shortage in the industry. Highlighting the staggering number of mobile phones in the UK, Adam underscores the imperative of making device repairs a norm, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability. 

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Adam has forged a longstanding partnership with Keele University, demonstrating his commitment to sustainability and innovation. Most notably, he collaborated with the university on the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) project, which focuses on finding cost-effective ways to repair and process mobile phone screens and batteries. This collaboration, along with other initiatives, enables TMT First to extend the lifespan of an additional 100,000 mobile devices every year.​ 

TMT First’s commendable efforts have garnered national attention, with coverage on the BBC’s tech program Click, national TV and radio bulletins, further validating the company’s significant impact in promoting sustainable technology practices. 

With a clear and ambitious vision, Adam aspires to elevate TMT First as a recognised partner for leading original equipment manufacturers, further solidifying TMT First’s position at the forefront of technological innovation and sustainability.  

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Company Growth

On the back of the success of the brewery site and events, Dal then set his sights on expanding both the range of products on offer and the footprint of the business. In December 2021, Dal agreed a 20-year lease on Christchurch Spire in Coventry city centre. The unique venue serves Dhillon’s beers and ales on tap, as well as offering hot drinks and food, to create a family friendly environment.

Dhillon’s next venture was the Sky Blue Tavern, a brand-new sports bar in the city centre, in partnership with Coventry City Football Club. The Tavern is a hub for Sky Blues fans to meet and enjoy a drink, whether on matchdays or non-matchdays, and helps to generate revenue and support for the club. As one of the only dedicated sports bars in Coventry, football and sports fans can watch the latest action on big screens and in individual booths.

Dhillon’s Brewery have now also secured several catering contracts, including with Historic Coventry Trust, where they provide food and beverage operations at the historic Drapers’ Hall, as well as at other Trust locations.

The company’s vision and long-term growth plan continues to be focused on its close association with Coventry whilst securing further locations and contracts, to build a sustainable, profitable business model whilst continuing Dal’s original passion for brewing beautifully crafted beer.

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