CMAC Group – The Problem Solver

CMAC Group – The Problem Solver


The Problem Solver

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“CMAC emerged into the post-lockdown world more agile than ever, with a broader range of flexible services and

CMAC Group UK, members of East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, has built its business success on anticipating and finding innovative solutions to clients’ travel, transport, and accommodation problems, even in the most challenging circumstances.

CMAC’s markets, which include private and public sector clients as well as train-operating companies and airlines, have changed dramatically in recent years. When the pandemic brought the travel and transport industries to a virtual standstill, CMAC responded by diversifying into a wider range of sectors, notably by providing essential onward travel and taxi services for key workers, business travellers and people in need of accessible transport.

CMAC emerged into the post-lockdown world more agile than ever, with a broader range of flexible services and technologies, from which the company creates solutions that solve a wide range of client problems including:

Using its innovative “Smartlinks” technology, CMAC created a cost-effective, self-service transport solution to ensure critical staff could travel between London’s NHS hospitals over Christmas and New Year, when public transport services are limited.

CMAC provides Motability Operations with a nationwide solution that ensures people with disabilities have accessible transport when they are unable to use the vehicle provided by the Motability scheme.

London Bridge CMAC provided fully compliant, security-checked transport and accommodation for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary’s armed officers during the six-day period they were involved in Operation London Bridge, the codename for activities surrounding the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

CMAC supports clients’ business expansion plans through key acquisitions, building expertise and extending its transport and accommodation supplier networks in the UK and priority European markets.


Technology Innovation

CMAC now offers multi-sector transport and accommodation services on a global basis, provides a full range of transport, accommodation, and business continuity services through a growing network of local, national, and international partners.

Technology Innovation plus People Technology plays an increasing role in “solving” many problems faced by the travel and transport industry. CMAC’s experience shows that clients benefit from solutions that combine highly trained people with constantly updated technology.

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