Chambers of Commerce are recognised across the UK and around the world as leading supporters of international trade. Chambers deliver trade support and advice, as well as a range of specialist services, to businesses of all sizes in Britain’s exporting community.

Given the need to rebalance the UK economy towards exports to secure recovery and longterm prosperity, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) commissioned a major international trade business survey in Q1 2012 – to which 8,073 businesses responded. The survey clearly demonstrates that Exporting is Good for Britain.

Since the BCC last surveyed Chamber members in 2011, the share of responding businesses actively exporting goods and services from the UK rose from just over a fifth (22%) to nearly a third (32%). Yet the survey also shows that a number of challenges, barriers, and obstacles remain.

Transport connections play a key role in international trade. They support supply chains and move goods to market, but also promote global social connections, collaboration between companies, and market research activities.   According to the survey, concern about transport barriers is highest among potential exporters. This underscores the urgency of improving the quality and lowering the cost of Britain’s transport system - through fiscal measures and incentives to encourage more efficient use of existing capacity; eliminating ‘double taxation’ of air transport; removing blockages to much-needed investment by introducing new mechanisms like a national infrastructure bank; and ensuring the UK’s much-publicised new National Infrastructure Plan is actually implemented.