The report showed that only 29% of businesses are very or fairly confident in recruiting a school leaver with A-Levels or the equivalent. These findings are troubling, especially in light of figures that reveal the number of young people currently not in employment, education or training has exceeded one million. Business continually argues that apprenticeship programmes are an effective tool to improve the skill set of young people. This will be fundamental in improving the employment opportunities of school leavers and in reducing the skills gap that currently exists in the UK.

The BCC has collected case studies from Chamber members across the UK which outlines the real experiences of businesses and learners throughout the apprenticeship process. These case studies range from instances where an apprentice has been offered a permanent job at the end of their course, leading to further promotion and successful careers; to cases where an employer has tried to offer an apprenticeship programme but barriers, such as perceptions of certain industries by schools or colleges, or rigid apprenticeship frameworks, have prevented this.