The BCC and Chamber Network believe it is a shared responsibility between business, education and government to address this. We are therefore committed to bridging the gap between business and education, by increasing collaboration between the business community and education providers, to improve young people’s transition to work.

The 52 Accredited Chambers of Commerce already have over 2,500 education providers in membership, including over 1,500 schools in membership, often helping them connect with their local business community. Over the coming years Accredited Chambers of Commerce will enhance their membership offer to schools and colleges to help develop stronger links with local businesses.

The BCC campaign ‘Bridging the Gap between Business and Education’ is a positive call to action to:

  • Increase collaboration between education providers and businesses.
  • Support young people to gain the skills and knowledge to help their transition into work.
  • Influence government education and skills policy, representing the interests of businesses, education and young people.

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