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John Longworth, Director General

16 Mar 2012

If we want these firms to take on staff, we must give them the confidence to do so. With economic recovery still weak, and, even with a slack labour market, employers are still reporting difficulties in finding the right staff for vacancies. We must give small firms the confidence to recruit. It may seem counter-intuitive that one way to do this is to make dismissals easier, but what employers fear the most is being caught in a tangle of expensive red tape when a dismissal is necessary for the survival of the business, and retaining the jobs of other employees.

The government’s proposal for a new no fault dismissal route is positive for business, and must be implemented quickly as part of a package of reforms to employment law. Most employers are not lawyers and not HR specialists. If we want them to take on an extra staff member we must remove as many road blocks as possible. With unemployment at 2.67m, implementing a no-fault dismissal route should be a priority.