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Phil Couchman, CEO, DHL Express UK & Ireland

09 May 2012

This month marks the first anniversary of the DHL/BCC Trade Confidence Index and our report shows that both export sales and orders strengthened within the first quarter of 2012, an increase after four consecutive quarters of decline.

And despite crises such as those within the Eurozone, we know from our customers that many British companies are reaching out to international markets and thriving.

And this is in line with DHL Express’ own results. We are carrying more British goods and products around the world than at anytime in our company’s history - for example to BRIC markets including Brazil, which has recently overtaken the UK to become the sixth largest economy in the world. Our own trade lane data reflects the fact that British exports to countries outside the Eurozone are in high demand, with our greatest volumes going respectively to the USA and China

DHL is a good barometer of the general health of an economy. We thrive when our customers thrive. Our business relies on the demands of overseas markets for British products. And thanks to digital technology and modern delivery networks, we can reach these markets faster and more easily than ever before.

However, at DHL we also know that taking the first steps into new markets can seem overwhelming. British businesses that are looking to export for the first time need our help, and we in turn must be prepared to help them.

Experts like DHL can help would-be and established exporters with the complexities of new markets, local nuance, complicated customs laws or shipping regulations, and other potential pitfalls for those who are setting out into international trade.

Millions of people in the emerging markets are hungry for quality British goods and services. And if we’re to see the rebalancing of the economy that we need for recovery, there should be no limit to our ambition in the global marketplace.