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I-Wen Chiu Maginot

18 May 2016

The customer experience is evolving at the same rate as technology. What will it look like in the future? And more importantly, will you be ready for it?

Dell and our partners are working tirelessly to prepare retailers for the future of commerce. We want to simplify operations while honing the ability to gain and use consumer insight, improve the customer experience, and utilise omni-channels.

The Dell strategy is like no other. The focus lies in practical and forward-thinking innovation, efficiency, affordability and a perfected customer relationship model. This focus, combined with Dell’s end-to-end capabilities, meets the four most important customer imperatives:

  • Transform – Many platforms in current use by retailers are outdated. We retire these and look at new technologies and consolidate systems that enable future-ready, agile infrastructures.
  • Connect – Simultaneously empower staff and customers with secure mobile application networks that deliver service improvements and a personal, seamless customer experience. Through an array of devices this can apply digitally and in-store.
  • Inform – We engage in big data analytics to deduce valuable patterns, predict consumer behaviour, and gain useful insights.
  • Protect – We help retailers to always stay ahead of evolving security threats to protect the data of both staff and customers.

Our systems are modular and scalable, making them more agile and reliable as well as easy to use. Our systems can integrate smoothly with existing infrastructures to improve long term value and lower the cost of ownership.

Here are the most in-depth and sustainable methods that Dell can assist your retail business:

Customer Insight

Many retailers store a staggering amount of data, but very few actually make the most of it. Dell Boomi enables retailers to unify all structured and unstructured data across their organisation, while Dell Statistica enables analytics to be embedded for driving customer insight and in turn opening the door to better decisions about customers. We enable real-time data discovery and visualisation to give retailers an edge when it comes to customer behaviour, loyalty, promotions, and even deciding where to open up a new outlet.

In-store customer experience

Retailers are refining their marketing strategies thanks to combining incoming behavioural data with existing sales and inventory data. This combined approach allows retailers to take the initiative and really personalise the customer experience. The rising level of in-store personalisation is possible with sophisticated MPOS solutions across a range of devices. Dell’s ability to combine network and device security, storage, app integration, virtualisation and device management creates a perfectly agile in-store platform.


Consistency remains an ongoing challenge for many retailers. Providing a viable solution requires the redesign of entire structures, processes, applications and data management. Dell helps to transform infrastructures and enables multichannel retailers to roll out new processes that guarantee consistency and transparency when fulfilling the requirements of multi-channel customers, such as:

Multichannel master data management– this enables units to collaborate on, harmonise and publish consistent master data across all operating channels.

• Distributed Order Management (DOM) systems – this ensures all channels have necessary access to the same view of orders and inventory in real time.

• Multichannel loyalty systems – this enables retailers to use loyalty functionality from one centralised management system to transact with, interact with and reward customers across any and all channels.