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Ed Vaizey MP, Minister of State at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

13 Feb 2015

It’s that time of year when new year’s resolutions have been cast aside - or are wobbling precariously - and everything’s pretty much back to business as usual, and the slow slog through the winter months. 

But if it’s your broadband that’s crawling along, here’s some good news. The government’s superfast broadband connection vouchers are still available to small and medium sized businesses in 22 superconnected cities across the UK.  Worth up to £3000, the connection vouchers cover the cost of installing superfast broadband at your business premises. 

We’ve extended the deadline to March 2016, so that more businesses can get the most from their broadband connection, and we’ve promised another £40 million to connect businesses in even more cities. 

Getting super-fast broadband to the whole country is one of my top priorities and is a key part of the government’s long-term economic plan.  So we’re investing over £1 billion to improve our country’s broadband and mobile infrastructure.  This is important because a superfast connection will make a real difference to your business.  

Here are some real businesses that already have their superfast connection, and an idea of how faster broadband has changed the way they work. 

One of the most impressive benefits of superfast broadband is that it’s much easier to stay in touch with your customers and suppliers – sending and receiving big files won’t slow you down, and video-conferencing means you can hold meetings with people all over the world. 

Music production school SSR wanted faster broadband to give its growing number of students a better learning experience, and to provide reliable video-conferencing between staff and tutors. 

With a superfast connection video calls are much clearer. It also means students can upload and download the huge files they produce quickly – without having to stare at the buffering symbol of doom. 

It’s 2015: uploading files shouldn’t take hours, and neither should backing up your work. 

Another small business called MiPA provides virtual PA services to its clients, mainly over the internet. So imagine how slow speeds could affect its work. It was one of the first companies to receive a broadband connection voucher and its staff no longer have to wait for the internet to get going. In fact faster speeds mean MiPA has had time to take on new business and is planning to recruit new staff. 

Video production house Kinamo has had the same experience. Now, instead of waiting up to eight hours to upload client films, the team at Kinamo can share files in minutes. 

Think of how that will speed up the whole process – if their clients can see the films quicker, they can make their changes and sign off faster too. 

These aren’t the only businesses that have taken up their vouchers. In fact thousands of businesses in the 22 cities already have – and they’re your competition. 

With superfast broadband they’ll be doing business faster than you, contacting customers more quickly and it’ll be easier for them to keep up with and install the latest technology – future-proofing themselves and making sure they keep up with their customers’ demands. 

So why not make a late new year’s resolution that you’ll keep this time, and treat your business to a superfast connection. Visit and choose from an off the shelf pre-registered package or fill in an application online.

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