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Kamala Mackinnon, Campaigns Adviser

14 Sep 2012

The theme of last weeks event was ‘Business is good for Aspiration’, where the lively discussion focused on training, apprenticeships, how to tackle the problem of youth unemployment, how business can harness the potential of current and future employees, how to support those wanting to start their own business, and how to plug persistent skills gaps in the workforce.

One of the key themes discussed was the way in which employers are investing in the workforce of today and tomorrow. Against a backdrop of high youth unemployment and a difficult economic climate, it is often forgotten that business invests in people and their future. Total UK employer expenditure on training is estimated at £49bn, and 85,000 employers offer apprenticeships in more than 130,000 locations. Business does not simply create wealth and tax revenue, but it is a positive force for the future investing in employment, skills, and training. Certainly, one of the most moving moments at the BCC’s Annual Conference this year was when John Timpson OBE, Chairman of Timpson, described how his organisation hires ex-offenders and gives them a chance to build a life in a society which would otherwise likely have forgotten them.

We recognise the importance of great British businesses, and the role it plays in creating the wealth we need to get us back on the road to recovery. That is why we launched our ‘Business is Good for Britain’ campaign earlier this year. Through this campaign (which has the support of the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, and a number of high-profile business leaders) we are underlining how integral a strong and prosperous business community is to Britain’s future success. Here at the BCC, we know that that business has positive impacts on individuals, our communities, and on the UK's prospects for economic recovery. As our campaign continues to gather pace nationwide, we will be working to demonstrate the many ways that business is good for our country and society as a whole.

The Business is Good for Britain campaign’s website can be found at: 50 word submissions on why people think Business is Good for Britain are being continually uploaded on to the site – please send your 50 words to For more information on the BGB campaign, please contact Kamala Mackinnon.